Bintulu City Business Directory

Bintulu located in the Borneo Island, is a small coastal city and also the capital of Bintulu District. The city was originally a small fishing town and was acquired by Rajah James Brooke in 1861. The city remained a fishing town until oil and gas reserves were discovered in the year 1969. Following this, Bintulu became an important place for industrial activities. Many energy plants were built here like the Malaysia LNG plant, a Shell Middle Distillate Synthesis plant, and a Bintulu combined cycle power plant. Bintulu’s commercial activities also include oil palm and forest plantations, palm oil processing, wood-waste processing, and cement manufacturing. Bintulu is known for its many national parks. The popular ones among those are Similajau National Park and Tumbina Park. Bintulu is also known for Tanjung Batu beach and the Jepak village. Among popular religious places in Bintulu some are Kuan Yin Tong temple and Assyakirin mosque. The city also has some monuments of cultural importance like the Council Negri monument ans the Tamu Bintulu. The most popular market in Bintulu is the Pasar Utama markets. Bintulu experiences two distinct monsoon season, the northeast monsoon and the southwest monsoon season.

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