Johor Bahru City Business Directory

Johor Bahru is located in the Straits of Johor. In the southern end of Peninsular Malay, Johor Bahru is also the capital city of Johor. Johor Bahru is a rapidly developing city in Malaysia, second only to Kuala Lumpur. Johor Bahru was also the third largest contributor in terms of GDP after Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Located in the Indonesia–Malaysia–Singapore Growth Triangle Johor Bahru forms an important point of industrial growth with many international tourists. The city is also a popular shopping centre with many markets and shopping malls spread throughout the city. Johor Bahru is also known for hosting many commercial conferences like the Eastern Regional Organisation for Planning and Housing and the World Islamic Economic Forum. There are a number of cultural and historical attractions in the city. Some popular cultural spots of interest are The Royal Abu Bakar Museum, the Johor Bahru Kwong Siew Heritage and the Johor Bahru Chinese Heritage Museum. Some historical attractions in the city are the Grand Palace, Figure Museum and the Sultan Ibrahim Building. Johor Bahru is connected by the Senai International Airport which is located in the nearby town of Senai and connect Johor Bahru to the airport by the Skudai Highway.

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