Shah Alam City Business Directory

The city of Shah Alam is the capital of the state of Selangor, the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia. Since Kuala Lumpur, itself became a Federal territory, the state capital was shifted to Shah Alam. It is located in the district of Petaling with some part lies in the Klang district.

Known for its rubber and palm estates, the city of Shah Alam is the first planned city in the country. Extended several times throughout its history, the city now encompasses an area of 293 sq. km. Shah Alam was officially designated as a city in the year 2000.

Most of the economy of Shah Alam is driven by service and manufacturing industries. Recently, some automotive companies have also made it their home. Connected to the other parts of the country by various highways, the city is surrounded by seven artificial lakes.

The cities of Surabaya, Indonesia, and Hanam, South Korea are known as the sister cities of Shah Alam.

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